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March 1st 2021: Schiltron Films will be closing its production side due to the pressures on the industry during this pandemic. Sadly, smaller companies like Schiltron Films cannot achieve financing as financers are currently limiting their investments.

We will still be continuing writing work in a variety of capacities, including freelance writing gigs.

January 27th 2021: I'm incredibly honoured to announce that my short experimental film, Tea in the Afterlife, has been Officially Selected for The Golden Bridge Istanbul Short film Festival.

Emotionally, I put everything I had left into Tea in the Afterlife, in some way it is my epitaph. To be recognized for it is a truly humbling experience.

I am incredibly grateful to the wonder people of Turkey for selecting my work....truly grateful.

December 12th 2020: I'm still rather speechless over this. My short script, 'Escapement', is one of the most important things I have ever written. It truly means the world to me. It's the one script that I could happily die after seeing it made.

Well, Escapement just won for Best Unproduced Script at the Fusion International Film Festival East Edition in Warsaw.

This... this... is overwhelming. I'm so truly honoured to have been among the winners in this category and I'm incredibly thankful, and exuding immense gratitude for this honour.

I hope one day to return to this festival, one of my favorites, with the film Escapement, rather than the script.



December 7th 2020: Hello and welcome! This site is currently being rebuilt as the sadists at the hosting service decided to wipe out everything I had previously done. Bear with me as I put it all back together.