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Escapement FONT 040519-01

Type & Genre: Short Drama

Synopsis: Suffering from chronic depression, a young woman, feeling the deep cuts of isolation, spends the day trying to reconnect with society.

Status: Early development. Script completed and partial cast/crew attached.


Due to lack of investment, interest, or even any acknowledgement that I exist as a human being, any work on Escapement is cancelled indefinitely. 

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Type & Genre: Feature Comedy

Synopsis: With the evolution of the porn industry, Rusty “The Rampant” Railroader, Scotland’s most ‘famous’ pornographer, pivots to stay relevant…under the tight supervision of his much more intelligent wife.

Status: Early development. First draft of script complete. Two industry legends tentatively attached.


This project has been cancelled due to the inability to research. After many attempts to have industry professionals provide me with accurate information, as to make the script a true representation of the the adult industry, I have been refused at every turn.

It appears, while there is a lot of discussion around this pivotal change in the industry, no one from the industry has any interest in discussing it nor having it represented in film.

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