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About Us

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Phillip McCarron was born in Grangemouth, Scotland. At the age of 11, he emigrated to Hanover Park Illinois in the USA, a suburb of Chicago. While attending Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Phil began taking an interest in writing, beginning with poems, song lyrics and short stories. Shortly after graduation, he returned to Grangemouth where he started to explore the medium of screenwriting.

He drew inspiration from his Great Uncle, British novelist, journalist, film & theatre critic, Alan Brien. Alan once said to him, "writers are like gods, they are the only other people that can create something from nothing." The power of the written word to become anything, from a mantra to a movement, he found to be profoundly true.

Six years later, he moved back to Hanover Park where he wrote and published a collection of humorous & satirical essays, "The Great Facepalm: The Farce of 21st Century Society". The book was not a success. From there, he returned his focus to screen writing and attended community college with a focus on film production. Working on various student projects, his love of film and writing for film grew. He found that the beauty of screenwriting is that you're never alone. There is always a hive of creative minds adding their own talent to the words written on the page.

In 2019, he completed his first independent short film, 'Ghosts in the Ink', acting as writer, creative/financial producer, additional editor, and sound editor. He also completed his second short drama, 'Escapement', which is as yet, unproduced.

In 2020, due to the Covid pandemic, work across the film industry has slowed down. Still, an experimental film was born, 'Tea in the Afterlife', which is currently in post-production.

Given the difficulties facing filmmakers in 2020, he pivoted to the gaming industry and completed some freelance work, writing branching narratives, for an influential online adult games company.