***Important Update***

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Schiltron Films will no longer be writing/producing any films for 2019.

"Ghosts in the Ink" will remain on its successful tour of the festival circuit.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Phil McCarron

Check out Schiltron Films' first, completed project.

Currently selected for three international film festival awards, and hopefully more to come

 Escapement *CANCELED*

Schilton Films will have no more productions this year.

~Suffering from chronic depression, a young woman, feeling the deep cuts of isolation, spends the day trying to reconnect with society.~

Check out my recent interview with the wonderful folks over at Scottish Films & Filmmaking News!

We talk about our upcoming project Ghosts in the Ink, being a Scottish filmmaker in America, and the power of writing in all mediums.

Click here to read the interview