Update 10/09/19:

We have some more fantastic news!

Ghosts in the Ink has been selected for two more festivals!

We have been selected as Semi-Finalists for the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas!

In addition to the film being nominated, we are also nominated in the following categories:

Best Actor - Igor Lewicki

Best Actress - Alexandra Miller

Best Original Score - Raymond Benson

Best Producer - Phil McCarron

Best 1st Time Screenwriter - Phil McCarron

There is also an Audience Vote for the Vegas Movie Awards, so if you can, we'd love your vote; our film is listed under the "Narrative" section.

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The second announcement is that 'Ghosts in the Ink' has been Officially Selected for the fabulous Blowup Arthouse International Film Festival in (Sweet home) Chicago! This one means a lot as 'Ghosts in the Ink' was conceived, planned and shot all in Chicago.

Stay tuned for all the updates as they come!

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As always, we're eternally grateful.

Schiltron Films is pleased to announced that we picked up two awards at Out of the Can International Film Festival in Derby, England.

One for Best Short Film - 'Ghosts in the Ink'

One for Best Producer - Phil McCarron

I'd like to thank everyone at Out of the Can: Mark, Jeff and our fabulous host, Paul Scates. I'm truly honored.

New Project Announcement

Research and writing had begun on Schiltron Film's next project: "Rusty 'The Rampant' Railroader: Scotland's Most Irrelevant Pornographer"

It's a narrative comedy that highlights the fast-paced changes in the adult film industry.

Logline: A BBC crew is reluctantly sent to Grangemouth, Scotland to interview Rusty Railroader "Scotland's most famous pornographer," and his psychologist wife, Sandra about their impact and the changing tides in the porn industry. Only problem is, now one has ever actually heard of him.

***Important Update***

Due to unforeseen circumstances, 'Escapement', the next script prepared to shoot, has been put on hold.

"Ghosts in the Ink" will remain on its successful tour of the festival circuit.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Phil McCarron

Check out Schiltron Films' first, completed project.

Currently selected for three international film festival awards, and hopefully more to come

 Escapement *SHELVED*

Schilton Films will have no more productions this year.

~Suffering from chronic depression, a young woman, feeling the deep cuts of isolation, spends the day trying to reconnect with society.~

Check out my recent interview with the wonderful folks over at Scottish Films & Filmmaking News!

We talk about our upcoming project Ghosts in the Ink, being a Scottish filmmaker in America, and the power of writing in all mediums.

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